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Factoring multivariable polynomials

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This solution deals with factoring multivariable polynomials.

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Step  1  :

Equation at the end of step  1  :

  ((x2) +  16xy) +  26y2

Step  2  :

Trying to factor a multi variable polynomial :

 2.1    Factoring    x2 + 16xy + 64y2 

Try to factor this multi-variable trinomial using trial and error 

Found a factorization  :  (x + 8y)•(x + 8y)

Detecting a perfect square :

 2.2    x2  +16xy  +64y2  is a perfect square 

It factors into  (x+8y)•(x+8y)
which is another way of writing  (x+8y)2

How to recognize a perfect square trinomial:  

• It has three terms  

• Two of its terms are perfect squares themselves  

• The remaining term is twice the product of the square roots of the other two terms

Final result :

  (x + 8y)2

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